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educational toys wholesale

Where to buy educational toys wholesale ?

Many buyers need to find educational toy manufacturers and suppliers, and they look for various educational toys for their business.  Here we look at something we need to know about educational toys.


  1. The Importance of Educational Toys
  2. What are the popular educational toys?
  3. What educational toys are right for my business?
  4. Where to Buy Educational Toys Wholesale?
  5. How to Find Reliable Educational Toy Wholesalers?



1. The Importance of Educational Toys

Educational toys play an important role in a child’s development and growth. They help children develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, logic, and creativity. Educational toys can also improve skills such as hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and motor skills. Exposing children to interactive and fun educational toys at an early age can help give them a head start and nurture a lifelong love of learning.

Educational Toys for Wholesalers

Educational Toys for Wholesalers

2. What are the popular educational toys?

As an educational toy wholesaler, it is important to know the range of toy options available and which ones are most popular with customers. The major categories of educational toys include:

Building toys: Legos, blocks, Tinker Toys, and Zoobs are classic building toys that help develop spatial, logical, and reasoning skills. Building toys are engaging for a wide age range and a staple toy type for wholesalers.

Building toys

Building toys

Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles, tangrams and brain teasers improve problem-solving ability and logical thinking. Puzzles come in a variety sizes, shapes and difficulty levels for both children and adults. Puzzles have enduring popularity and make a good wholesale item.



STEM Building Block toys

STEM Building Block toys

Science kits: Chemistry sets, robotics kits, telescopes, microscopes and electronics kits teach scientific skills through hands-on exploration. Science kits spark curiosity about how the natural world works and are a smart wholesale choice, especially for older children.

Where to buy science kits wholesale

Where to buy science kits wholesale

Board games: Educational board games and card games build language, math, and critical thinking skills. Popular options like Scrabble, Set, Bananagrams and Math Dice are fun for the whole family. Wholesalers will want a good assortment of ages and subjects.

Shape sorters: Shape sorters, nesting blocks and stacking toys boost cognitive and motor skills in toddlers. These basic toys help establish a foundation for learning in younger children. As essential staples for development, shape sorters and stacking toys are ideal for wholesalers.

Language toys: Puppets, play food, dollhouses, interactive books and phonics toys promote language learning and imaginative play. Dolls, stuffed animals and toy vehicles also inspire role-play and storytelling. With lots of options, wholesalers will want to choose a range based on age and interests.

Montessori: Materials like colored rods, geometric boards, and numbered rods teach math concepts in a concrete manner. These specialized materials are excellent for developing logical reasoning and pre-math skills in preschoolers. For wholesalers focused on early education, Montessori materials are a key offering.

Montessori toys

Montessori toys

There are many educational toy types, but some of the most popular and important ones for wholesalers to consider include building toys, puzzles, board games, science kits, shape sorters, language toys and Montessori materials. Choosing a variety of engaging options across ages and subjects will give your wholesale business broad market appeal.

3. What educational toys are right for my business?

As an educational toy wholesaler, in addition to providing different types of toys, you also need to consider other aspects, such as:

Age range: Children of different ages have different needs and interests in toys. You need to provide toys for infants, preschoolers and school-age children. Each toy should have different difficulty and complexity levels to meet the needs of children of different ages.

Trends: You need to closely follow toy market trends and offer the latest popular toys. Currently, popular toys include robots, electronic musical instruments, programming toys, etc. These toys are not only educational but also meet the interests of children and parents today.

Gender appeal: Consider the toy preferences of boys and girls. Puzzles and craft toys are more neutral, while robots, and dinosaur models are more appealing to boys, and toy cookware and dolls are more appealing to girls. Provide toys based on gender.

Price range: As a wholesaler, you need to provide toys at different price points, including both high-end and mass-market toys to meet the needs of different consumers. The higher the price, the higher the educational, fun, and quality of the toys. However, you also need to provide affordable and economical toys at a lower price.

In addition to the toy categories and educational value involved, wholesalers also need to consider the key features and appeal of toys from a broader perspective. Choose toys for different age groups that meet trends and consider gender preferences and multiple price ranges. This can provide highly satisfying products to the widest range of customers. It will also give wholesale websites a strong competitive advantage in the fierce market competition.


In summary, educational toy wholesalers need to select toy products from a comprehensive perspective of education type, age, popularity, gender appeal, and price. Provide a wide and balanced selection of toys for different consumer groups. You also need to closely follow market trends and launch popular new toys in a timely manner. Only then can the wholesale website truly become the first choice for parents and children to purchase toys.

4. Where to Buy Educational Toys Wholesale?

There are many large B2B platforms as well as specialized toy wholesalers that offer a wide range of educational toys. Some of the major options include:

Large B2B platforms:

1. Alibaba – The world’s largest B2B marketplace with thousands of suppliers of educational toys. They offer wholesale pricing and the ability to procure stock in large volumes.



2. Made-In-China – A leading B2B platform for connecting global buyers with reliable Chinese suppliers. They feature a wide range of educational toy suppliers offering wholesale deals.

3. DHgate – A B2B eCommerce marketplace with many educational toy wholesalers, especially China-based suppliers. They enable direct access to wholesale inventories.

4.IndiaMart – Indiamart is India’s largest B2B e-commerce company. It connects buyers and sellers through their marketplace to facilitate trade between them.


Specialized toy wholesalers:

1. DollarDays – Specializes in closeout goods and excess inventory. Offer major discounts and bulk pricing on educational toys from various brands.

2. ToysWholesaleUSA – Specializes in discounted name-brand toys. Features many educational toys that can be procured in bulk at wholesale prices.

3.Wholesale Central – Thousands of wholesale suppliers including a dedicated section for educational toys and games. Enables volume discounts and dropshipping.

4.Johnco Productions – Specializes in brand wooden and educational toys. Allows for volume discounts, drop shipping, and private labeling of their products.

5. Daily Wholesale Toys – Specializes in Toys wholesale and is a professional toys sourcing agent for all over the world. They cooperated with factories directly and the price is cheaper than Alibaba. They are a toy sourcing agent and help wholesalers/retailers to source toys from factories directly.

daily wholesale toys

daily wholesale toys

5. How to Find Reliable Educational Toy Wholesalers?

When looking for educational toy wholesalers, there are a few factors to consider:

Check industry experience: Choose a wholesaler with at least 2-5 years of experience supplying educational toys. Experienced wholesalers will have a proven track record and established relationships with vendors and suppliers.

•Product range: Select a wholesaler with a wide range of educational toys suitable for different age groups. Wholesalers with a limited range may not meet all your procurement needs.

Competitive pricing: Compare prices across different wholesalers to determine which one offers the most competitive pricing. While wholesalers do provide discounted bulk rates, pricing can still vary significantly between different companies.

Positive reviews: Check independent reviews from the wholesaler’s customers to determine their reputation and reliability. Look for mostly positive reviews mentioning factors like product quality, customer service, and on-time delivery.

Quality assurance: Buy from wholesalers that stand behind the quality of their products. Look for those that offer warranties or guarantees on educational toys in case of product defects or issues.

Multiple ordering options: Choose a wholesaler that offers different ordering methods like online, phone, email, and fax. Flexible ordering options provide convenience and ensure you can place orders whenever needed.

In summary, purchasing educational toys from reliable wholesalers enables you to get high-quality learning resources at the best possible prices. With the range of options available, you can conveniently procure all the educational toys you need to help children reach their full potential. 

Wholesale Toys

How to Import Toys from China

China is the world’s top toy manufacturer and exporter. Over 70% of the world’s toys are produced in China. Importing toys from China is a great opportunity for businesses to access low-cost but high-quality products. However, the importing process can be complicated for newcomers.

Here are some steps to import toys from China:

cheap wholesale toys

cheap wholesale toys

1. Find Reliable Suppliers

The Import Toys from China first step is to find reputable toy suppliers and manufacturers in China. You can check websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made-in-China.com. Look for suppliers that match your target products and have good reviews and ratings. It is best to contact multiple suppliers to compare quality, prices, MOQs, lead times, etc.  You can also consider visiting some suppliers on a trip to China to better assess their operations in person.

2. Check Product Safety Compliance

Ensure the toys meet your country’s product safety standards and regulations. Most countries prohibit toys with small parts that pose choking hazards for young children. Check if the toys have safety certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14000, BSCI, SEDEX, etc. You should also request suppliers to provide safety test reports for toys. It is best to employ an inspection company to examine product samples.

3. Inquire About Pricing and MOQs

Request for quotes from different suppliers to compare prices. Inquire about their minimum order quantities (MOQs) to determine the minimum volume you need to order. Most Chinese suppliers can give good discounts for larger volumes. You can negotiate with suppliers to get the best possible deal based on your budget and needs.

4. Discuss Order Lead Times

Ask about the production lead times you need to factor into your plans. Most toy suppliers in China require 30 to 90 days to manufacture and deliver the order based on the complexity and volume. Make sure suppliers have enough time to guarantee delivery for peak periods like Christmas. Discuss feasible production schedules based on your sales forecast to avoid overstocking or stockouts.

5. Check Import Duties and Fees

Calculate the total cost to import toys from China including product costs, shipping fees, insurance charges, duties, taxes, tariffs, etc. The import duty rate depends on the type of toys and the materials. Most countries charge higher rates for electronic or intelligent toys. You need to check the import duty rates on your customs website to determine the landed cost and set appropriate retail prices.

6. Arrange Shipping and Customs Clearance

Work with your suppliers to arrange shipping of your toy orders from their factory to your port of destination. They can help handle customs clearance in China and liaise with freight forwarders to transport your containers. Think about the different shipping options – sea freight, air freight or express shipping based on your needs. Sea freight is cheap but slower while air shipping is fast but more expensive.

toy inspection

toy inspection

7. Prepare Necessary Import Documents

There are certain documents required to import goods into your country. Work with your suppliers and freight forwarders to prepare documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, orders, and proforma invoices. The documents need to be accurate to avoid potential issues like wrong import classification, over-charging of import duties or even customs penalties.


8. Pay Suppliers and Other Fees

Wire payment to your Chinese suppliers according to the agreed payment terms before they proceed to ship out your order. You also need to pay other fees like shipping costs, insurance premiums, port charges, customs clearing fees and import duties. Make payments promptly to avoid delays in delivery and customs clearance.


9. Check Product Quality

Carefully inspect your toy orders upon arrival at your port or warehouse. Check that the products meet your quality standards and safety requirements. Look for issues like defects, damage, incorrect branding, logo, labels or packaging. It is best to detect any problems early so you can take prompt actions like returning goods for replacement or refund from suppliers if necessary.

There are significant benefits to importing toys from China if you know how to navigate the challenges and complexities. By choosing reliable partners and learning the proper steps to handle customs and logistics, you can source high-quality toys at competitive prices and still maintain good profit margins. With some experience, importing toys from China can become a seamless business process for your company.

10. Sourcing Agents

Certainly, if you wish to procure toys in a more convenient and hassle-free manner, you may also contact Daily Wholesale Toys, one of the sub-office of  STARIVER. They have formed an alliance with 500 toy companies and have over 500 toy listings available at factory prices, which are much more affordable than those on Alibaba/ Made-In-China.

Toys Catalog

Toys Catalog

In addition, if you have specific toys in mind, we can help you liaise with factories to obtain more competitive pricing, procure toy samples, conduct sample testing and production batch inspections, etc.

Daily Wholesale Toys has established close partnerships with hundreds of toy manufacturers across China’s major toy production hubs. Through years of experience, we have streamlined the procurement process to deliver significant cost savings and ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of toys. We handle all the logistical complexities so you can focus on your core business.

wholesale daily toys website

wholesale daily toys website


If price, quality or timeliness are of concern, or if you seek a long-term strategic partner for toy sourcing in China, Daily Wholesale Toys can provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. With an extensive toy supplier network and professional expertise, we aim to make toy procurement simple, efficient and cost-effective for businesses. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can facilitate your sourcing efforts in China.

Daily Wholesale Toys services include:
• Factory Price Quotes – We leverage our network to provide the most competitive factory prices
• Inspections – We inspect toys at the factory to ensure product quality and safety
• Shipping Consolidation – We handle shipping from multiple suppliers and consolidate into full container loads to reduce costs
• Customs Clearance – We have the experience to navigate China’s customs regulations and minimize clearance times
• Quality Control – We oversee production to make sure final products meet the required standards before shipping
• Product Sampling – We source toy samples from factories for testing and product photo shoots.
Does this help translate and optimize the content into a professional style for your needs? Let me know if you would like me to clarify or expand on any part of the content.


Where to buy bulk educational toys wholesale

There are several ways to find educational toys for wholesalers.

1.Trade Show

Attending trade shows such as the American International Toy Fair or the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, to see the latest products and meet with manufacturers and distributors.

Here are some of the largest and most well-known toy trade shows:

  1. American International Toy Fair – held annually in New York City
  2. Nuremberg International Toy Fair – held annually in Nuremberg, Germany
  3. Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair – held annually in Hong Kong
  4. China International Toy & Juvenile Products Fair – held annually in Guangzhou, China
  5. Paris Baby & Child Fair – held annually in Paris, France
  6. London Toy Fair – held annually in London, UK
  7. Tokyo International Toy Show – held annually in Tokyo, Japan

2.Online platforms

Websites like Alibaba.com and Made-in-China.com connect wholesalers with suppliers from around the world.

there are several wholesale websites for toy wholesalers:

  1. Alibaba: A global wholesale platform that connects wholesalers with suppliers from around the world.
  2. Made-in-China: A wholesale platform specifically for products manufactured in China.
  3. DHgate: An online wholesale marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including toys and games.
  4. Global Sources: A wholesale platform that provides a directory of suppliers, as well as a platform for verifying suppliers and placing orders.
  5. Tradekey: A wholesale platform that connects buyers with suppliers from around the world.

It is important to thoroughly research and verify the suppliers on these platforms to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality products at a fair price. Additionally, be aware of any potential customs or import fees that may apply when purchasing products from overseas.

3.Manufacturer websites

Many toy manufacturers have websites where you can place bulk orders directly.Here are some educational toy manufacturers for wholesalers:
  1. Learning Resources : It  has a variety of hands-on educational toys for kids of all ages. Have fun while your child develops their motor and social skills.
  2. STARIVER :  It focus on OEM/ODM STEM toys, chemistry toys for the kids of 4-16 years. There products suitable for educational toys wholesale distributor.
  3. Galt : It designing imaginative toys for children aged 0-10, since 1836. Shop for Baby & Toddler Toys, Craft Kits, Puzzles, Games, Science & Construction etc
  4. HapeHape Toys is a worldwide leading toy brand in wooden toys , baby, and toddler toys.
  5. Melissa & Doug:  For the best wooden preschool toys and screen-free fun, count on Melissa & Doug to inspire children’s imaginations through open-ended, kid-powered play!
  6. VTech : VTech toys provide some of the best educational toys wholesales. Designed for baby, infant, toddler, and pre-k learning levels.
  7. Janod : Janod is a French brand specialising in the creation of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard.
  8. Small Foot : They supply Wobble Tower Dynamite · Coffee Machine for Play Kitchens · Colourful Threading Shoes · Tool Belt · Smack the Bird · Animal Safari Motor.
  9. Smart Games : SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level logic games. The award winning games have multi-level challenges from the very easy to the very difficult.
  10. PlanToys : Plan toys are wooden toys that are safe for your little ones while providing them with a stimulating, sensory experience.

5.Local distributors for educational toys wholesale

You can also search for local distributors in your area that specialize in toys and games. They may provide the educational toys wholesale.


education toy supplier

8 Selection Criteria for Finding Education Toy Manufacturers

Finding the right education toy manufacturer for your business can be quite a challenge. In your procurement process, you will meet various suppliers through different procurement channels. Some education toy suppliers make you happy; some make you annoying.

Here are the eight selection criteria for finding a good toy suppliers:


Good product

A good product must meet the needs of consumers very well, and the quality must be excellent. As you know, good products speak for themselves and will help you improve sales performance and word-of-mouth publicity. Like Kiwico, Mel Science, etc. They focus on the development of the ultimate educational toys, and have won the recognition of customers and brand communication.

Excellent toy suppliers must be deeply involved in their own fields and are very familiar with the market and products. If the product is not perfect, you can put forward your valuable suggestions, and excellent suppliers will be happy to refer to your requirements and make improvements.

It is not easy to find a good supplier. Don’t give up cooperation opportunities because of a single factor. Sometimes, a good product is the result of continuous communication and running-in between you and the supplier.


Reasonable price

The definition of a reasonable price is a relatively fair price. Don’t chase the lowest price; too low a price means poor quality. It also cannot be too expensive. After all, doing business must consider your profit. for the same quality, if the supplier can provide the best price, then he is a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation.

We have interviewed many customers on product quality and price issues. The lowest price product risk rate is about 18% higher than the normal price product. When a risk occurs, the risk cost we pay is not only the price cost, but also the communication cost, transportation cost, and after-sales cost, time cost, inventory cost, word-of-mouth cost, etc. These hidden risks actually belong to the cost of the lowest price too. So the cost of the lowest-price product is not the lowest.


High working efficiency

High efficiency is reflected in two aspects:

a. Accurate and detailed quotation

The quotation clearly indicates what packaging the price is based on, what requirements it is based on, and the MOQ, what trade terms, production period, etc.

It provides complete materials, dimensions, specifications, certificates and other information, which is of reference significance for you.

b.Quick reply

As a large buyer, when to confirm the quotation, when to confirm the samples, and how often to place an order, these are all carried out in accordance with the planning process. If the supplier cannot respond to you quickly and accurately, it will waste your time.
When you have any questions, the salesperson should respond to emails and phone calls very quickly. Even if he is not in the office when you call, his colleague tells him you contact him half an hour later, he should reply to you immediately.
The above two efficient working methods will make your purchase easy.


Guaranteed delivery time

Some toy suppliers promise you to ship within one month, but you waited three months without shipping.

You have ordered a batch of Christmas toys and need to receive them before Christmas. But because of production errors, reworked from scratch. As a result, Christmas has passed and the goods have not been received yet. You may suffer huge losses. Do you feel outraged?

Therefore, choose a toy supplier with a guaranteed delivery time. How to confirm whether the delivery date is on time? There is no standard answer to this question. We have two suggestions:

a. Sometimes there are too many production orders, and the delivery time will be longer. It is best to make a purchase plan and place an order in advance.

b. For new suppliers, you can place a small trial order first. In this cooperation, it can be seen whether the supplier has a sense of responsibility. I believe that a responsible partner will not delay your order for no reason.

c. Fully consider the various risks that may occur in production and transportation and reserve sufficient time to deal with the occurrence of delay risks.


Good service level

Excellent toy suppliers also have perfect service processes and service awareness. And can help you fully consider various issues, so that you can be more at ease.

Order communication: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the communication, and will repeatedly confirm your needs with you to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage. When necessary, the supplier can provide you with professional advice.

Order processing: The supplier always pays attention to the details of the order, such as whether the size and position of the logo are correct, whether the product is accurate, whether the instruction manual is made according to the customer’s requirements, and quickly.

After-sales service: When after-sales service is needed, the seller will actively face and deal with the problem, rather than evade responsibility.



Have you ever encountered the following situations
He quoted the wrong price, but he was afraid to tell the customer that he would wait until the last resort, which would waste the customer’s time.
The goods are produced and ready to be shipped. However, during the inspection process, it is found that there are problems with the logo, and some manufacturers will look for various reasons to shirk responsibility instead of actively solving these problems.
Responsible sellers can actively solve problems instead of repeatedly shirking their responsibilities and making unnecessary explanations. Responsible suppliers are worthy of long-term partners.


Excellent communication

Sellers with strong communication skills generally have the following characteristics:

a. English email writing is fluent, and spoken is not bad. This is the most basic necessary skill.

b. Take the initiative to put forward suggestions and plans; only let you do multiple-choice or answer judgment questions, which means they try to reduce your workload.

c. Strong understanding, the seller can understand what you mean quickly. If you are not on the same channel, he does not know what you say, and you do not know what he says. In this case, how can you continue to communicate?



An honest seller should be a seller who does not lie and considers the buyer.
Honest sellers should also keep their promises. If you only send samples to one supplier, please ask him to estimate the price and ask the supplier to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If he does not keep his promise and leaks product information to others, such a seller is not an honest seller.

The above are the 8 criteria for choosing a good toy supplier. These standards can help you find the right toy supplier. Have you ever encountered annoying toy suppliers? Welcome to tell your story in the comment area.

When you are going to source education toys wholesales from China, where to buy education toys, how to verify the suppliers, and what issues should be paid attention to? You can refer to this article

8+ business tips when SOURCING SCIENCE TOYS from China suppliers


Science kit Instructions

What‘s the suitable science kits for schools

Science kits for schools

When we choose the science kits for schools, how should we evaluate the kits if suitable for students? In this article we will find the answers.


Science promotes the rapid development of society


Everything is developing too fast in the 21st century. As we know, the era of 5G has come, which has led to the rapid development of the IOA . Meanwhile, the upgrade of computer hardware and the revolution of algorithms have promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence. For another example, Musk proposed the Mars Migration Plan,and at the end of the 21st century, there is a high probability that humans will migrate to Mars.All future developments are closely related to science.


As a teacher, school or educational institution, cultivating students’ diversified growth is also one of the goals of education. Obviously, we are all know physics , chemistry, biology,coding etc  have all made great contributions to human development as basic sciences. Every educator should have the responsibility to help understand all kinds of science, and children will have more plans to choose their own development direction in the future.

STEM education

STEM education


What kind of science kits are most suitable for schools?


As educational tools, science kits can help students better understand the meaning of science. And it could cultivate their interest and understanding of exploration too. As a senior science related person, I would like to share my opinions.

1, Science kits should keep pace with the times

In addition to the basic nature of education, science kits should also be contemporary. In this way, children can also realize what the present world is like and what the future world will be like.For example, the current programming courses are very popular, and the ultimate energy of the future is hydrogen energy, which are both good educational topics.

2. Toys or Kits?

Now the development of science and education products is in two directions, one is toy, the other is kit. Which one should we choose? Of course, it’s the kits.


Science Toys: When designing these products, developers are trying to increase the interest of the products as much as possible to help them sell toys, so they reduce the difficulty of the products, and enhance children’s interest through packaging, colors etc. For kids, they are more suitable as family toys. But for the students in the school, their education will be worse.


Science Kits:These kits are aimed at students’ education. The packaging and color matching are common, and the product difficulty is different from toys. When students are doing these experiments, they will encounter various problems that need to be solved by themselves. But after completing the entire kits, they will get a high sense of accomplishment. Not only learned relevant knowledge, but also constantly cultivated their ability to solve problems. This is not available in general toys.

DIY science toys

DIY science kits

3. Packaging: Simple or Complex?

What kind of packaging is more suitable for schools? Of course, simple packaging is more suitable for schools. It doesn’t need too many attractive designs and colors like toys. Let students’ attention shift from packaging to content.The cost will also be lower too.


4. Price

Due to the characteristics of science experiments, many kits are disposable experiments. So the kits do not need to be too delicate, on the basis of normal quality, can assist to complete the teaching is the best choice. If the focus is shifted from product quality to cost performance, the cost of procurement will be very low. Of course, it does not mean that quality is not important, quality should also meet the teaching requirements.

science kits

science kits


5. Instructions & Kits


Science Kit is just a tool for education. Educators need to choose teaching tools reasonably according to their own teaching situation. Proper kits and instructions are very important, but most of the instructions are just a simple introductions that show assembly steps or simple principles. It’s not as detailed as the course.


Because the education of every teacher and school is different, if you customize the science suite according to your own teaching content, it is the best choice to meet the teaching needs. So finding a powerful supplier or science kits supply chain will be very important.

Science kit Instructions

Science kit Instructions


6.Local Purchase or Oversea Purchase?


Whatever it’s local purchase or oversea purchase, the right one is the best.If you do the oversea purchase, you need to pay attention to the following points in delivery process.


a. Sensitive shipment : Such as liquids, powder, motors, magnets, electricity, etc.

  • Countries:If the purchased science kits contain liquid or powder, they can only be to Europe, America, Russia, and Southeast Asian countries from China. Other countries need discuss with the suppliers, that’s because of customs and logistics reasons.
  • Delivery cost: You could find another article about the shipping cost in our website.


b. Purchase Time Schedule:

  • Production time:If the goods need to be customize, it’s about 10-30 days.
  • Delivery Time Frame(Sea or Air):  It’s about 10-45 days.