School Science Supplies

The school is a place where the students can learn, plan, and prepare to inspire young minds through hands-on science discovery. You will benefit from the expertise and experience of our platform of who are contributing content.

Our goal is to make it surprisingly easy for schools to do hands-on science in the classroom. You can confidently achieve your science education goals for your children and students with baby science toys.

baby science toys

Wholesale science lab toy snow montain experiment

1.00 $
Introducing our fantastic Science Lab Toy – an affordable and thrilling experiment that brings the wonders of a snowy mountain

Wholesale toy volcano

1.00 $
Introducing our incredible Toy Volcano – an affordable and captivating science experiment for children! Watch in awe as this volcanic

Wholesale weather toys space weather station

1.00 $
Discover the magic of weather with our Weather Toys! Introducing our weather toy kit, where kids can assemble their own

Wholesale solar powered toy Mars Exploration Rover

1.00 $
Ignite curiosity with our Solar Powered Toys! Introducing our solar powered toy kit, where endless exploration awaits. Assemble three different

Wholesale solar moving toys

1.00 $
Introducing Solar Moving Toys, the ultimate solar-powered building set. This kit includes parts to assemble a dinosaur, insect, and drilling

Wholesale animals engineering kits

1.00 $
Discover our collection of 4 children’s mechanical engineering kits! Packaged in English, these kits are perfect for schools and children.

Wholesale volcano toys

1.00 $
Volcano Eruption Toys: Unleash the Power of Science! Experience the thrill of a volcanic eruption right in the comfort of

Wholesale Soft Dart Gun Toys

0.30 $
Looking for an exciting and affordable toy for your business? Look no further than our Soft Dart Guns! We offer

Wholesale snap circuits beginner

1.00 $
Snap circuits beginner Warning Light Snap Circuit Kits is an electronic experiment kit suitable for children and beginners to learn

Wholesale snap circuit kits

1.00 $
Snap circuit kits Motor Snap Circuit Kits is a motor experiment kit suitable for children and beginners, which can help

Wholesale electronic snap circuits

1.00 $
Electronic snap circuits Spray Electronic Snap Circuits is a creative electronic toy that allows children to learn electronic knowledge and

Wholesale snap circuits light kits

1.00 $
Snap circuits light SO MANY TOYS IN A SNAP: Make dozens of cool electronic gadgets – all from one box!