How to do a good STEM toy structure design?


For STEM toy producers and designers, it is not difficult to create trendy toy appearances, but to further improve the structural design of STEM toys, they often face considerable pressure. Moreover, most STEM toy design companies now follow the traditional STEM toy structure design model is difficult to break through the rules. It neither meets the actual development of STEM toys by the manufacturers, but also lacks consideration of the development cost of the manufacturer, and fails to meet the expectations of the manufacturer.

In fact, in order to improve the structural design of STEM toys, thereby reducing development costs and reducing post-production pressure, the key is to find STEM manufacturers who understand the production process of STEM toys and provide design suggestions for cooperation.

The so-called “right” STEM toy design company will generally help manufacturers to better carry out toy structure design from a professional perspective, and obtain a greater market competitive advantage than their counterparts:

Reduce costs and improve economic efficiency
The processing profit of STEM toy production itself is very low, but if the structure design of STEM toy is reasonable, it can also improve a lot of economic benefits. Generally, professional STEM design companies will communicate with STEM manufacturers on the production process, and further reduce the cost of new product development on the basis of ensuring a reasonable structural design.

An excellent STEM design company generally achieves a reasonable structural design through the following 4 ways to improve the economic benefits of the production enterprise:

(1) Design different matching structures and accessories according to the best life of STEM toys

According to the age of the object of use, different use occasions, and different values, the service life of STEM toys is also different. According to different lifespans, STEM design companies often adopt different forms of cooperation flexibly according to the types of new products of the manufacturer when helping manufacturers to design the toy structure;

(2) Use the least materials

Professional STEM design often adopts different cross-sectional forms while designing the structural form of parts while ensuring that the same strength requirements are met, so that manufacturers can greatly save the amount of material used;

(3) Adopt standard parts and common parts

In the structural design of STEM toys, whether it is a movement component or a shape component, professional design usually pays attention to the influence of standardization factors, and in the design process, countless parts of different sizes in the traditional structural design are turned into a small number of general-purpose parts. , Which greatly simplifies the design process and reduces the production cost of STEM toys;

(4) Integrated design

In addition to the above, usually, in the design of toy structure, professional design will also pay attention to the problem of optimal integrated design, and combine several related parts into a whole component through reasonable structural design, which greatly reduces the number of parts. The interface with each part also reduces the assembly process.

2.  Streamline product assembly process

The rationality of the STEM toy structure design of the design company will directly determine the assembly pressure of the manufacturer in the later production process.

Professional design will maintain communication with the manufacturer when designing the structure of STEM toys and adopt a simpler and faster assembly design scheme:

(1) Simplify the assembly structure

Professional designer will generally consider the later production problems of STEM manufacturers in the process of product structure design, and use structural design schemes that are easy to identify and reduce the need for identification in the entire process, so as to reduce the workload of assembly workers and increase The production efficiency of the production enterprise;

(2) Reduce the number of toy accessories

Screw assembly is now the main form of toy assembly, and STEM design structural designers generally reduce the number of toy accessories such as screws, or control costs, and use high-quality and lower-priced toy accessories on the basis of maintaining a reasonable structural design. Design.

3. Familiar with mold technology, easy to mold manufacturing

No matter what kind of toy development project it is, it is ultimately geared towards the process of mass production of molds. Find a suitable STEM manufacturer and be familiar with the production process of various molds, such as the minimum limit size of each shape of blanking, punching, and stretching of metal molds; demolding slope, shrinkage deformation, slider setting of plastic molds, etc. Requirements, and integrate these requirements into the rational design of STEM toy structure, to maximize the simplification of the mold structure, reduce the mold opening process, and increase the productivity, thereby reducing the production cost of toy production.

In addition to the above methods, in terms of improving toy structure design, every designer in STEM design should have his own unique design skills, can communicate with manufacturers in time, and make flexible changes according to different requirements to help manufacturers achieve development ideas. Create truly high-quality toy products.

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