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How to Import Toys from China

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China is the world’s top toy manufacturer and exporter. Over 70% of the world’s toys are produced in China. Importing toys from China is a great opportunity for businesses to access low-cost but high-quality products. However, the importing process can be complicated for newcomers.

Here are some steps to import toys from China:

cheap wholesale toys

cheap wholesale toys

1. Find Reliable Suppliers

The Import Toys from China first step is to find reputable toy suppliers and manufacturers in China. You can check websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Look for suppliers that match your target products and have good reviews and ratings. It is best to contact multiple suppliers to compare quality, prices, MOQs, lead times, etc.  You can also consider visiting some suppliers on a trip to China to better assess their operations in person.

2. Check Product Safety Compliance

Ensure the toys meet your country’s product safety standards and regulations. Most countries prohibit toys with small parts that pose choking hazards for young children. Check if the toys have safety certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14000, BSCI, SEDEX, etc. You should also request suppliers to provide safety test reports for toys. It is best to employ an inspection company to examine product samples.

3. Inquire About Pricing and MOQs

Request for quotes from different suppliers to compare prices. Inquire about their minimum order quantities (MOQs) to determine the minimum volume you need to order. Most Chinese suppliers can give good discounts for larger volumes. You can negotiate with suppliers to get the best possible deal based on your budget and needs.

4. Discuss Order Lead Times

Ask about the production lead times you need to factor into your plans. Most toy suppliers in China require 30 to 90 days to manufacture and deliver the order based on the complexity and volume. Make sure suppliers have enough time to guarantee delivery for peak periods like Christmas. Discuss feasible production schedules based on your sales forecast to avoid overstocking or stockouts.

5. Check Import Duties and Fees

Calculate the total cost to import toys from China including product costs, shipping fees, insurance charges, duties, taxes, tariffs, etc. The import duty rate depends on the type of toys and the materials. Most countries charge higher rates for electronic or intelligent toys. You need to check the import duty rates on your customs website to determine the landed cost and set appropriate retail prices.

6. Arrange Shipping and Customs Clearance

Work with your suppliers to arrange shipping of your toy orders from their factory to your port of destination. They can help handle customs clearance in China and liaise with freight forwarders to transport your containers. Think about the different shipping options – sea freight, air freight or express shipping based on your needs. Sea freight is cheap but slower while air shipping is fast but more expensive.

toy inspection

toy inspection

7. Prepare Necessary Import Documents

There are certain documents required to import goods into your country. Work with your suppliers and freight forwarders to prepare documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, orders, and proforma invoices. The documents need to be accurate to avoid potential issues like wrong import classification, over-charging of import duties or even customs penalties.


8. Pay Suppliers and Other Fees

Wire payment to your Chinese suppliers according to the agreed payment terms before they proceed to ship out your order. You also need to pay other fees like shipping costs, insurance premiums, port charges, customs clearing fees and import duties. Make payments promptly to avoid delays in delivery and customs clearance.


9. Check Product Quality

Carefully inspect your toy orders upon arrival at your port or warehouse. Check that the products meet your quality standards and safety requirements. Look for issues like defects, damage, incorrect branding, logo, labels or packaging. It is best to detect any problems early so you can take prompt actions like returning goods for replacement or refund from suppliers if necessary.

There are significant benefits to importing toys from China if you know how to navigate the challenges and complexities. By choosing reliable partners and learning the proper steps to handle customs and logistics, you can source high-quality toys at competitive prices and still maintain good profit margins. With some experience, importing toys from China can become a seamless business process for your company.

10. Sourcing Agents

Certainly, if you wish to procure toys in a more convenient and hassle-free manner, you may also contact Daily Wholesale Toys, one of the sub-office of  STARIVER. They have formed an alliance with 500 toy companies and have over 500 toy listings available at factory prices, which are much more affordable than those on Alibaba/ Made-In-China.

Toys Catalog

Toys Catalog

In addition, if you have specific toys in mind, we can help you liaise with factories to obtain more competitive pricing, procure toy samples, conduct sample testing and production batch inspections, etc.

Daily Wholesale Toys has established close partnerships with hundreds of toy manufacturers across China’s major toy production hubs. Through years of experience, we have streamlined the procurement process to deliver significant cost savings and ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of toys. We handle all the logistical complexities so you can focus on your core business.

wholesale daily toys website

wholesale daily toys website


If price, quality or timeliness are of concern, or if you seek a long-term strategic partner for toy sourcing in China, Daily Wholesale Toys can provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. With an extensive toy supplier network and professional expertise, we aim to make toy procurement simple, efficient and cost-effective for businesses. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can facilitate your sourcing efforts in China.

Daily Wholesale Toys services include:
• Factory Price Quotes – We leverage our network to provide the most competitive factory prices
• Inspections – We inspect toys at the factory to ensure product quality and safety
• Shipping Consolidation – We handle shipping from multiple suppliers and consolidate into full container loads to reduce costs
• Customs Clearance – We have the experience to navigate China’s customs regulations and minimize clearance times
• Quality Control – We oversee production to make sure final products meet the required standards before shipping
• Product Sampling – We source toy samples from factories for testing and product photo shoots.
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