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DIY Science Kits ; Electric Reptile

1.30 $
Adjusting the front leg to change the way toy walks. It requires two AA batteries and batteries are not included. The structure is firm and the design is exquisite. This is a set of light, portable, durable toy kit. This product is a material package that requires hands-on production. It is ideal for developing hands-on brain abilities.

Science Classroom Supplies ; Electromagnetic fan

0.96 $
Here are all the science classroom supplies , when you are looking for them, you could browse the website to find the suitable kits. As a STEM kits manufacturer, we provide the custom service. The electromagnetic fan kits are raw materials, and all of the accessories are in the opp bags, so the cost is much lower than the other kits. The packaging, manuals, logo etc are all could custom as client’s request.

Science Kits for Teens – Earthquake Alarm

1.72 $
When the earthquake alarm model is shaken, the copper wire of the glass bead will touch the O-shaped lamp, the line will be connected, and the buzzer will make a beep sound.

STEM Kits Supplier ; Crossing Alarm

1.12 $
As a STEM kits supplier, we have produced and tested thousands of science kits in the past years. As our marketing feedback, the crossing alarm is one of the popular kits. It's a electric experiment. We need to use the metal picks to cross the road, but it is made of wires. When cross the road, if the picks touch the wires, the alarm will open. In addition to learning electricity knowledge, this experiment can also exercise children's balance and control.

Jeep Car in Physics Experiment ; Science Supplies for Teachers

1.19 $
It is a kind of educational toy that can exercise children's hands-on ability. While playing, your kids can better understand the knowledge of tank structure. DIY electric jeep model for your kids, great gift or toys for you kids. Can be painted by what color you like.

DIY Telescope ; School Science Kits Suppliers

1.26 $
When are you looking for the school science kits suppliers, do you know what kind of science kits are more suitable for schools?  The simple packaging is better. As we know, lots of science kits with colorful box and selling in the market, because they are usually for home science learning or home toys.  But when you are supplying them to the schools, the simple packaging is the best choice, the students will focus on the science kits and treat them as a learning tool.

Science Activities for School Age ; Salt Water Power Car

1.15 $
The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car is the smallest, cheapest and the first car to be powered by saltwater. The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car gives you a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering your very own car. Just add saltwater and go! It's amazing how much power just a little bit of salt water can produce when placed in a fuel cell. Buy this toy and wow your friends. Environmentally safe, non-toxic and clean.

School Science Kits Suppliers ;DIY Lamp

0.82 $
1.It can train and develop the children's differnt abilities in all aspects, such as intelligence development, hands-on brain training, interest cultivation and parent-child interaction. 2.It has a beautiful shape, which is easy and simple for us to install and make it, especially for low grade children. 3.It is made by environmentally friendly materials. It is suitable for school science invention homework, which will make the students experience the joy of production and understand the little knowledge of scientific circuit in their brain.

Submarine Buoyancy Experiments for Elementary

0.90 $
★ The new creative homemade submarine DIY, the shape is delicate and realistic, enlightenment children know more common sense.
★ DIY Technology makes small scientific toys, develops intelligence, improves thinking, cultivates left and right brain development, and develops logical thinking organizations.
★ Diving experimental teaching equipment, training children’s cognitive ability, observation ability, memory ability, understanding ability, coordination ability of various parts of the body.
★ Made of high quality plastic, this product is sturdy and durable.
★ Parent-child communication, interactive toys, increase parent-child relationship.
★ Ability Training: Manual brain, interest training, intellectual development, hearing, parent-child communication, interactive toys.

Science Kits for 6 Year Olds Hooke’s Law Experiment

0.71 $

Science kits for 6 year olds

Hooke's law experiments are one of the easy science kits for 6 year olds. This website is a STEM kits manufacturer from China; sourcing from the manufacturer directly could save 50% cost.  

Easy science kits for 6 year olds

This experiment provides real-world opportunities for toddlers to learn about a physics experiment. This kit includes basswood plywood, heavy screw, rubber band. When the wheel is rolled forward, after a certain distance, the wheel will fall back. This experiment is very simple and suitable for students in grades 1-5th.  

DIY music box for kids

1.73 $
A great DIY toy kit for kid to understand the basic mechanical structures, and power transmission.
Made of natural wood, eco-friendly, non-toxic, smooth without any burrs, and durable for long lasting use.
Direct assembly, no need for other accessories, simple assembly, exercise the child's hands-on ability.
Great for school project,simple and practical, parent-child communication or intellectual development, stimulate children's learning fun.

Magnet Experiment for Kids

0.72 $
This is a handmade magnet experiment. It includes magnets, a compass, and wooden sticks. We can do a science experiment showing magnet poles attracting and repelling and another experiment for compass direction.