Welcome to our wholesale website, where you’ll find a fantastic range of solar toys for children. Perfect for schools, homes, and educational institutions, these toys are ideal for children aged 3-14 and come at affordable prices. Our collection includes a variety of solar-powered toys, from cars and robots to DIY kits and puzzles. Not only do these toys provide hours of fun, but they also introduce children to the wonders of renewable energy. Incorporating solar toys into playtime not only entertains but also educates, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and scientific curiosity. Shop our selection today and bring the excitement of solar power to children everywhere!

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Wholesale solar moving toys

1.00 $
Introducing Solar Moving Toys, the ultimate solar-powered building set. This kit includes parts to assemble a dinosaur, insect, and drilling

Wholesale solar powered toy Mars Exploration Rover

1.00 $
Ignite curiosity with our Solar Powered Toys! Introducing our solar powered toy kit, where endless exploration awaits. Assemble three different

solar power paddle boat physical STEM kit toy

3.81 $
Physical STEM Science Kits Specifications: Material: Wood, Plastic Overall height: about 70mm Overall length: about 195mm Overall Width: about 100mm Weight: about 130g Suitable age: 14 years old+ Ability development: physical and mental exercising, interest training, intellectual development, emotion, parent-child communication, interactive toys Solar power Paddle Boat is a very fun craft boat class making kit that uses solar power to propel paddle boats.  With a simple DIY installation, the boat pictured above is powered by solar panels, placed in water and kept moving as long as the sun shines.  The capacitor can also be charged and used. It is expected to be fully charged in 1 minute and can be used for 2 minutes  

DIY Wooden Solar Powered Car

1.79 $
Specifications: Main material: wood Product size: 14*7*7 Product weight: about 77g Applicable age: teenager (7-14 years old)

Amazing Solar Cockroach

1.20 $

Amazing Solar Cockroach

Have you seen this Amazing Solar cockroach? It crawls like a real cockroach, except that cockroaches don’t like the sun, but this toy does, it crawls in the sun, and it’s a lot cuter than a real cockroach.  

One Lifelike Solar Scarab

2.09 $

One Lifelike Solar Scarab

Have you ever seen a lifelike Solar Scarab like this?

It can let the children understand how the Scarab crawling, the children learn the sun and kinetic energy conversion, learning the structure of the scarab is very helpful!

Solar Energy House Toy from 3D Wood Puzzle Manufacturer

1.85 $

3D Wood Puzzle Manufacturer

This solar energy toy uses solar power to generate electricity and let the fan works, it's made by a 3D wood puzzle manufacturer from China. Purchasing Solar house wholesales here. This science toy website is an education toy manufacturer,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost. Click the videos to know how does the solar science kit work.

Wholesales & Customized from 3D puzzle manufacturers

The wooden puzzles for toddlers support wholesale and customization.

Amazing Solar Spider

2.09 $
Amazing Solar Spider This is an Amazing Solar Spider, because in the sun it will crawl like a real Spider, do not need you to install, just put it in the sun! It allows children to see for themselves how solar energy is converted into kinetic energy.

Lifelike Solar Lobster

2.20 $

Lifelike Solar Lobster

This is a lifelike solar lobster toy, it will walk under the Sun, just like real lobster! And it gives kids a clear idea of how solar energy can be converted into electricity.  

Robot Dog Toy cool science toys for kids

6.60 $

Robot Dog Toy

The robot dog toy is a science toy designed to imitate the AlphaGo dog. It is a dual power source, which can use solar energy or batteries. Children can assemble a robot dog by themselves according to the instructions. Purchasing stem construction toys wholesale here. STARIVER is a primary science kit manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.  

Attractive Solar Bee

2.12 $
Attractive Solar Bee Have you ever seen anything like this Attractive Solar Bee? Simple Assembly, easy to use, as long