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Dainty Solar Moving Crab

Dainty Solar Moving Crab

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Dainty Solar Moving Crab

Have you ever seen a solar crab that looks like this? Under the sun it walks sideways like a real crab!

Do you have any other solar moving animals like this Dainty Solar Moving Crab?

Of course, in addition to solar moving crabs, we also have Solar moving Grasshopper、Solar moving Spider、Solar moving Bee、Solar moving Cockroach、Solar moving Scarab.


Can I order a variety of solar toys, and you help me design a solar theme toy box and put them in it?


Of course you can! You can tell us your solar theme toy box design ideas, we come to help you design and production, to help you turn the design ideas into reality!

Does this solar moving crab have an instruction manual?

No, not really. When it comes to you, it’s a complete solar-powered mobile crab that doesn’t need you to install it.

Can I order a delivery?

Yeah, you can do that. But price and timeliness may not be the best fit.
Usually we will according to your receiving address and your requirements for the time limit to choose the most suitable courier for you.
For example, if you are not strict with time and you want the best shipping cost, we would recommend you to ship by sea.
There are two channels, one is faster, 15-25 days; the other is slower, with a time limit of 35-45 days, the price will vary slightly depending on the statute of limitations.

Why do I feel that the goods are not as heavy as you declared after receiving them?

This is because the difference between volume weight and real weight is involved.
In general, when freight companies charge freight charges, they adopt the principle that the actual weight and the volume weight should be charged according to a large amount,

compare the actual weight of the goods with the volume weight, choose the number of the larger weight as the billing weight,

and then calculate the freight according to the weight,the volume weight is calculated by dividing the length x width x height by 5000.

So you can try to measure the length, width and height of the box, calculate the volume weight and compare it with the actual weight.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by clicking the button below and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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