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Science Classroom Supplies ; Electromagnetic fan

Here are all the science classroom supplies , when you are looking for them, you could browse the website to find the suitable kits.

As a STEM kits manufacturer, we provide the custom service. The electromagnetic fan kits are raw materials, and all of the accessories are in the opp bags, so the cost is much lower than the other kits. The packaging, manuals, logo etc are all could custom as client’s request.

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Electromagnet experiment Electromagnet experiment


Experimental principle: the force of the magnetic field on the current (left-hand rule, ampere force)

The essentials of using powerful magnets

Powerful magnets are not made of metal in the traditional sense and are easy to break, so they should be handled with care. Don’t let go without a distance when attracting. It is easy to cause the magnet to smash. You should pinch the magnet, slowly approach and push it up from the edge; it is difficult to separate by pulling it vertically. Push it flat to make it stagger and detach.


Note 1

Keep away from ironware and easily magnetized products, such as monitors, mobile phones, computers, TVs, bank cards, etc., preferably at least 20cm away.

Note 2

Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

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