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STEM Kits for Kids, 20 Different Common Minerals

Ages:4-7 years

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STEM Kits for Kids, 20 Different Mineral Specimens for kids

Do you have STEM kits for kids about the comment Minerals?  Yes.

Here is a lesson plan about the Different Minerals

Teaching objectives:

Exploration goals:
1. Learn to describe the characteristics of ore from multiple angles.
2. The ores can be classified according to their different properties.
3. They can give examples of the advantages and disadvantages of each classification method.

Emotional attitudes and values:
1. Appreciate various minerals in nature;
2. Cultivate students’ spirit of unity and cooperation.

Knowledge goal:
1. We can tell what minerals are in our own words.
2. Students can give examples of what are mineral streaks.

Science, technology, society, environment:
1. Let us illustrate the use of minerals in human life.
2. After studying, we can list more than 2 examples to illustrate the use of gems.

Know the uses of various minerals.
Q: We have studied the properties of so many minerals. Does it have anything to do with our lives? Please share the information about mineral use collected before class, and exchange ideas. Then go to the class to communicate.

(1) Who will talk about it?
(2) Quartz, brown-red, talcum powder.

Diamond has a hexagonal shape and is transparent as the main raw material for pencils

Gypsum is the softest and an important raw material for glass

Hematite is the hardest drill bit
Graphite white, very faint as a pigment
Talc is easy to be wiped clean to make plaster statues

(3) Teachers show pictures of various gems to further illustrate the use of minerals.
4. Classmates, what have you gained from the study of this class?
5. How do you feel about your performance in this class? Who performs best?
6. What questions do you want to explore?


Common minerals
Activity 1: Research the properties of common minerals

Activity 2: Classification of minerals
Expansion: beautiful gems

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