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Volcano Experiment for Kids Wholesales

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Volcano Experiment for Kids Wholesales

We could purchase volcano experiment for kids wholesales here, This website is a STEM kits manufacturer from China,  sourcing from us directly could save 50% cost.

One of the most popular chemistry experiments

The volcano eruption experiment is one of the most popular experiments. The operation of this experiment is very simple, and the chemical reaction is very fast. When the chemicals are mixed, children can immediately see the phenomenon of volcanic eruptions.

Wholesales & Customized

This volcano eruption experiment supports wholesale and customization

For Retailer, Schools and Learning center 

Wholesale MOQ is 100 pieces, this kit has a colorful packaging box, and is very suitable for retail.

If it is used in schools or classrooms, we suggest changing the colorful box into an opp bag, so the transportation costs will be reduced a lot. In this way, the volume of the product becomes

smaller, and the shipping cost can be reduced by 30-50%


For Wholesaler and brand company

Customized MOQ is 1000 pieces. We can customize the logo, manual, packing box, etc, or

customize the subscription box/monthly activity box, etc. There are various styles of Volcano

experiment kits on the market, but as our marketing research that the quality is uneven but the

price is almost the same. If you are more concerned about the quality of the product and

don’t want to spend time selecting through samples. You can take this sample for a test.

If you want to reduce the purchase cost, we recommend reducing the size of the packaging box,

which can greatly reduce the shipping cost.



1. This volcano experiment contains white powder chemicals. The white powder is a first-class sensitive cargo, and the import shipping cost is 2-5 times higher than ordinary products. 

2. If the purchased quantity is less than 1000 pcs, we strongly recommend removing the white powder of chemical composition and purchasing white powder locally. In this way, your purchasing cost can be reduced by at least 30-50%

3. The chemical components of the volcanic eruption experiment are baking soda and citric acid


How to source volcano experiment kits from the manufacturer?

The website price is a customized and wholesale price reference, but it does not support direct

order placement at the moment.

Please click below CONTACT US to send the email, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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