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Seed Growth Experiment – STEM Toys for 7 year olds

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Could we find some magic STEM Toys for 7 year olds ?

The seed growth experiment is quite good.

 Seed Growth Experiment - STEM Toys for 7 year olds

What does seed baby like? Seven seed experiments satisfy children’s desire to explore.

Who says seeds need sunshine, water, air and suitable temperature to grow? The children have their own ideas about the growth of seeds. Some think that the seeds like to drink milk, and some think that the seeds can understand their speech and grow up by whispering to them.

Are these ridiculous? Not at all. Because no one is born to know it.

Today, let’s see how foreign teachers make children learn about seeds? Through 7 experiments, let the children explore, research and summarize by themselves.

Experiment 1: do seeds need light to grow?

The children prepared two identical containers, the same soil and water, put in the same seeds, and made labels, light and dark

Dark seed is put in a carton to avoid light except for watering during the period. Place light seed in a place where you can normally get in touch with the sun.

A few days later, the seeds that saw the sunlight had germinated and were healthy and strong. But only two seeds that did not see the light germinated, both thin and small, and one of them had withered.

Experiment 2: what kind of temperature does the seed like to grow?

The children used the same cups, placed the same soil, water and seeds, and made two labels, one is “low temperature” and the other is “room temperature”.

They put the “low temperature” cup into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator, about 5 ~ 7 ℃.

After a few days, the seeds at room temperature had germinated, while the seeds at low temperature had no improvement at all.

Experiment 3: do seeds need air to grow?

Because the vacuum environment is not easy to create, so we can put the seeds into cold boiled water, so as to create an environment without air. The other has normal soil and water.

After a few days, the seeds in the water have been soaked, while the seeds in the soil grow well.

Experiment 4: is seed coat necessary for seed germination?

Put wet tissue on two trays, and then put three different seeds on each tray. The left one is the complete seed, and the right one is to remove the seed coat or break the seed in half. Keep the tissue moist during the period. After a few days, one side of the whole seed germinated, while the one on the right did not grow, and some even rotted.

Experiment 5: what liquid can help seeds grow?

Plants need water to grow, but what kind of water can make them grow better? I met a child who likes to drink milk before. She thought that the seed also likes to drink milk, so she poured several boxes of milk into the flowerpot. A few days later, the flower died smoothly Children always have a variety of conjectures. The following experiment only provides ideas. Teachers can change the liquid according to the conjectures of children in their class.

We prepared ordinary water, salt water, sugar water and vinegar water. The same seeds and soil were put in.

After a few days, healthy seedlings have grown in the cup of ordinary water; there is no growth in the cup of salt water; there is a small seedling in the cup of sugar water; there is no growth in the cup of vinegar water.

Experiment 6: different seeds, who grows fast?

There are many kinds of seeds. Please collect the seeds and have a growth competition! Whose seed germinates first, whose seed grows fast~

The same seed can be put a few more, in order to avoid bad seeds, leading to the failure of the experiment. You can label each seed with its name next to it.

The children are usually in high spirits, watching every day to see if their little players have sprouted. (Note: keep the tissue moist during the experiment)

Experiment 7: do the seeds look the same?

What seeds have you seen? Do they look the same? Please collect the seeds, and then pick up the magnifying glass to observe carefully~

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