DIY Windmill

How to make science toys for kids

Whether you are looking for insanely cool science toys for kids in kindergarten/elementary schools or you need a list of go-to science supplies, these DIY STEM educational toys have you covered. 
Next, let us sort out some simple and interesting science toys. involving physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and geography, and different outdoor subjects, which are very suitable for children in kindergartens and elementary schools(4-8 year olds ).
1. Heart And Lung Experiment 
2. The Sound of Heart
3. Windmill
4. Earth Moon Sun Model
5. Music Box
6. Cosmic Rocket Experiment
7. Salt Water Clock
8. Star Projector
9. Rubber Band Airplane
10. Microscope Experiment

1.Heart and Lung Experiment

People's life is inseparable from breathing. Breathing includes two processes: exhalation and inhalation. The handmade heart and lung model can help children better understand the process of breathing.
The kits include bottles, balloons, rubber bands, double-sided tapes, etc. Under the guidance of teachers or parents, they can make a science model by themsevles.
Heart And Lung Experiment

2.Heart Sounds

In this science activity, kids experiment with a stethoscope.We can find a heart-function stethoscope, and it can provide hours of exploration and fun. A stethoscope is a tool used by both veterinarians and doctors to listen to sounds coming from inside of the body of an animal or person, such as breathing, heart beats and digestion. The stethoscope need to assembled by kids and then they listen their heart sounds,pulse etc. It's an easy elementary science experiments for kids.


Windmill makes very easy and the materials are easy to get around us. Here is a windmill tutorial: How to make a windmill . In this video, we can know how to make a paper pinwheel easy. It’s an amazing DIY science toy and DIY tutorial for kids.

f it is made by little children, we can refer to below windmill material, they are made of plastic and easier to assemble.

DIY Windmill

4.Earth Moon Sun model

Astronomy for kids can be so much fun. Learn about the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth by doing these simple investigations. Learn about how the Earth rotates and model how lunar and solar eclipses occur. 

Here are some other earth moon and sun models for reference.

earth moon sun system

5. Music Box

Create a kid's own music box by placing and pushing pieces together. When painting the music box, each 3D wooden music box stands out with vibrant colors, while playing beautiful music. It's a fun DIY science activity for all of the kids.
DIY music box for kids

6.Cosmic Rocket Experiment

All you need is your Cosmic Rocket kit and some vinegar and baking soda, then prepare yourself for an experiment unlike any other where physics and chemistry combine for a big bang! It’s the perfect way to learn and have heaps of fun at the same time. After all, everyone loves a good lift off.
A working rocket that’s powered by vinegar and baking soda.
Basic Chemistry Kit Cosmic Rocket Experiment

7.Salt Water Clock

The salt water clock does not require a battery at all. As long as the cup on the back of the clock is filled with water, the time and date can be clearly displayed. This clock keeps accurate time using energy from a battery that you make.
Salt Water Clock

8.Star Projector

Star light projector is cool science kit for kids to put the universe back home, to watch star fly around their room to satisfy their curiosity of universal astronomical science. In addition, Kids can discover a variety of constellations and learn about different constellation shapes and knowledge . It is a particularly good astronomy scientific experiment toy.
Star River Light

9.Rubber Band Airplane

Learn about aeronautics and physics with our Rubber Band Aeroplanes(Here is another simple rubber band airplane)! With a twist of the propeller, the attached rubber band twists tight building tension until you are ready for flight, toss the Aeroplane into the air and watch it fly. Planes include easy to follow instructions, and the rubber band is hidden inside the fuselage. Students could try out different activities with the Aeroplane, two rubber bands, landing gear and a display stand. Made of foam. For ages 14 and up.

Rubber band airplane

10.Microscope Experiment

Curiosity accelerates our learning whether you are a young child, student or microscopy hobbyist. There are a number of reasons as to why curiosity among children, in particular, should be encouraged.
By encouraging their curiosity, children will continue to learn especially in those areas of interest, but also develop an interest in a wide variety of fields of study, greatly adding to what they grasp in school.
Microscope for Kids