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What‘s the suitable science kits for schools

Science kit Instructions

Science kits for schools

When we choose the science kits for schools, how should we evaluate the kits if suitable for students? In this article we will find the answers.


Science promotes the rapid development of society


Everything is developing too fast in the 21st century. As we know, the era of 5G has come, which has led to the rapid development of the IOA . Meanwhile, the upgrade of computer hardware and the revolution of algorithms have promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence. For another example, Musk proposed the Mars Migration Plan,and at the end of the 21st century, there is a high probability that humans will migrate to Mars.All future developments are closely related to science.


As a teacher, school or educational institution, cultivating students’ diversified growth is also one of the goals of education. Obviously, we are all know physics , chemistry, biology,coding etc  have all made great contributions to human development as basic sciences. Every educator should have the responsibility to help understand all kinds of science, and children will have more plans to choose their own development direction in the future.

STEM education

STEM education


What kind of science kits are most suitable for schools?


As educational tools, science kits can help students better understand the meaning of science. And it could cultivate their interest and understanding of exploration too. As a senior science related person, I would like to share my opinions.

1, Science kits should keep pace with the times

In addition to the basic nature of education, science kits should also be contemporary. In this way, children can also realize what the present world is like and what the future world will be like.For example, the current programming courses are very popular, and the ultimate energy of the future is hydrogen energy, which are both good educational topics.

2. Toys or Kits?

Now the development of science and education products is in two directions, one is toy, the other is kit. Which one should we choose? Of course, it’s the kits.


Science Toys: When designing these products, developers are trying to increase the interest of the products as much as possible to help them sell toys, so they reduce the difficulty of the products, and enhance children’s interest through packaging, colors etc. For kids, they are more suitable as family toys. But for the students in the school, their education will be worse.


Science Kits:These kits are aimed at students’ education. The packaging and color matching are common, and the product difficulty is different from toys. When students are doing these experiments, they will encounter various problems that need to be solved by themselves. But after completing the entire kits, they will get a high sense of accomplishment. Not only learned relevant knowledge, but also constantly cultivated their ability to solve problems. This is not available in general toys.

DIY science toys

DIY science kits

3. Packaging: Simple or Complex?

What kind of packaging is more suitable for schools? Of course, simple packaging is more suitable for schools. It doesn’t need too many attractive designs and colors like toys. Let students’ attention shift from packaging to content.The cost will also be lower too.


4. Price

Due to the characteristics of science experiments, many kits are disposable experiments. So the kits do not need to be too delicate, on the basis of normal quality, can assist to complete the teaching is the best choice. If the focus is shifted from product quality to cost performance, the cost of procurement will be very low. Of course, it does not mean that quality is not important, quality should also meet the teaching requirements.

science kits

science kits


5. Instructions & Kits


Science Kit is just a tool for education. Educators need to choose teaching tools reasonably according to their own teaching situation. Proper kits and instructions are very important, but most of the instructions are just a simple introductions that show assembly steps or simple principles. It’s not as detailed as the course.


Because the education of every teacher and school is different, if you customize the science suite according to your own teaching content, it is the best choice to meet the teaching needs. So finding a powerful supplier or science kits supply chain will be very important.

Science kit Instructions

Science kit Instructions


6.Local Purchase or Oversea Purchase?


Whatever it’s local purchase or oversea purchase, the right one is the best.If you do the oversea purchase, you need to pay attention to the following points in delivery process.


a. Sensitive shipment : Such as liquids, powder, motors, magnets, electricity, etc.

  • Countries:If the purchased science kits contain liquid or powder, they can only be to Europe, America, Russia, and Southeast Asian countries from China. Other countries need discuss with the suppliers, that’s because of customs and logistics reasons.
  • Delivery cost: You could find another article about the shipping cost in our website.


b. Purchase Time Schedule:

  • Production time:If the goods need to be customize, it’s about 10-30 days.
  • Delivery Time Frame(Sea or Air):  It’s about 10-45 days.

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